Episode 10 ver2 (ver E11): Classics & Bangers with a splash of ACID

By DJ Sparky aka Gavin | May 5th 2020 | 1:28min
We had TWO Episode 10s! If Microsoft can skip Windows-9, we can have 2 10s!!!!

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Episode 15 - Live 3AM Power banger classic set

DJ Sparky aka Gavin/ July 28th, 2020 / 1:10

With the impending hurricane, I felt like dropping some "Tekno" - highlighting Charlotte De Witt and Paul Ritch. So much fun to spin and great to workout to!

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Episode 13 - Live 3AM Power banger classic set

DJ Sparky aka Gavin/ July 5th, 2020 / 1:08

This set will not win any transition-awards but Steward Smally said "doggone it, people liked it!

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Episode 12 - Memorial Weekend Marco Island Mix

DJ Sparky aka Gavin/ May 25, 2020 / 1:08

Inspired by a view and only a few tracks to mix, left the USB stick at home. I skipped the number 11 for we had (2) #10s. There's a melodic techno track hidden in here and in the first 20 minutes a slight mixer issue, lol. Who can find them both?

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Episode 10 ver1: The Deuce Challenge

DJ Sparky aka Gavin/ March 18, 2020 / 0:51

A challenge with my mentors, take 5 predetermined tracks and make a podcast with them.

Starts Proggy and steps up!

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Episode 07: The DangerMix

By DJ Sparky aka Gavin/September 2019 / 1:06

Tracks from Ercole, Jerome Isma, Dirty Vegas, etc

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Episode 06: Great music spun by a learning DJ

DJ Sparky aka Gavin/ March 2019 / 0:50

Love this music, some great tracks and a few mixing mistakes.

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